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Anmeldung möglich Englisch Konversation mit Muße - Tea Time Talk

(Hohen Neuendorf, ab Do., 19.3., 17.00 Uhr )

Tea Time Talk lädt Sie zu einem Konversationskurs der etwas anderen Art ein. Sie genießen die besondere englische Tradition der nachmittäglichen Tea Time mit landestypischen kulinarischen Leckereien und Tee sowie Einblicken in die geschichtliche Tradition. Ganz nebenbei bessern Sie Ihr gesprochenes Englisch anhand wechselnder aktueller Themen auf. Lassen Sie sich verwöhnen! Für Teilnehmende auf der Niveaustufe B1/B2. Die Verköstigung ist in der Gebühr enthalten.

Anmeldung möglich English Conversation B1/B2

(Oranienburg, ab Do., 13.2., 10.15 Uhr )

This course focuses on speaking skills. We will continue to learn how to use more colorful language in everyday conversations. Furthermore we will expand our vocabulary and correct common grammatical errors. The aim is to increase the degree of fluency and spontaneity in everyday communication to make regular interaction with native speakers possible without strain for either party.

Anmeldung möglich English Conversation with leisure B1/B2

(Glienicke, ab Mi., 12.2., 17.00 Uhr )

This friendly informal course is designed to increase your confidence in speaking everyday idiomatic English. Course members talk about whatever interests them and guided conversation and reading will systematically increase your wordpower and improve your grammar. Requirement: Good English knowledge. Materials will be provided.

fast ausgebucht English Conversation and More B1/B2

(Hennigsdorf, ab Mi., 22.1., 18.00 Uhr )

You work a long day so you don't have much time for preparation, but you want to keep in practice. You are able to communicate at a good level when traveling and at work. You enjoy talking about all sorts of things. You welcome systematic grammar and vocabulary review based on "problems" that come up during the conversation periods. There are reading texts and the evening usually ends with about fifteen minutes of a film. New words and expressions that come up appear on the next week's worksheet.

Anmeldung möglich Englisch B2

(Oranienburg, ab Mi., 12.2., 18.15 Uhr )

This course is for participants who want to put their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to good use when speaking about topics like school, houses, and friends. Although the main focus is on speaking, we will revise grammar structures as we go along. Lehrwerk: New English File Intermediate, Student's Book (ISBN: 978-0194518000), ab Lektion 7A

Anmeldung möglich English Conversation B2

(Hennigsdorf, ab Do., 13.2., 18.15 Uhr )

The opener of each lesson is the exchange of past weeks experiences or holiday experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. Short stories, newspaper articles, scientific texts, as well as topics the participants suggest, constitute the basis for discussion. Grammar spots traced during the talks will be integrated in the future programme. All materials will be provided.

Anmeldung möglich Englisch mit Muße B2+

(Oranienburg, ab Mi., 12.2., 11.30 Uhr )

This course addresses participants who intend to improve their language competence in a relaxed atmosphere. It focusses on free speech exchanging and discussing everyday life experiences. Grammar topics are frequently repeated according to the wish of the participants. A special focus is on vocabulary building. Specialised texts, newspaper articles as well as short stories are translated and discussed. All materials will be provided.

Anmeldung möglich English Conversation and More B2+

(Hennigsdorf, ab Mo., 20.1., 18.00 Uhr )

In this course you can talk about whatever interests you - current events, a trip you have taken, a hobby, etc. We also read books of various genres, occasionally there is a review of vocabulary and grammar and you give a talk once a semester on a topic dealing with a general theme agreed upon by the students. We usually end the evening by watching about fifteen minutes of a film. New words and expressions that come up in the course of the evening are noted and appear on the next week's worksheet.

Anmeldung möglich English Conversation B2/C1

(Hennigsdorf, ab Di., 11.2., 18.15 Uhr )

This course is suitable for participants who are able to speak English fluently. In a relaxed atmosphere, everyday life experiences and contemporary topics are exchanged and discussed. Texts are read, translated and discussed. All relevant grammar topics are frequently repeated. Role as well as language plays support the target of a free and non-stressful study of the English language. All materials will be provided.

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